And the best blogging client is...

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I just finished poking around in the blogging client ecto and liked it so much that I purchased a license. It's interface is uncluttered, relatively intuitive, and the clincher was the price--just $17.95 vs. MarsEdit's price tag of $24.95. Those windows users reading this can consider Ecto as your blogging client too.

Ecto supports the major blogging tools out there and has all of the features you'd expect. The Mac version provides hooks for placing images from iPhoto and track information from iTunes into blog entries (view ecto's feature list). Ecto was written by Adriaan Tijsseling who also wrote one my favorite little apps, Kung Tunes. Kung Tunes is a companion application for iTunes and exports an HTML file containing tracks I've recently played. Unfortunately, Adriaan has moved on to other projects and will not produce future versions, but the current version still works just fine for me.