YUI 2.3 Released, New Components, Many Improvements

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YUI 2.3 was released and sports several new components plus improvements to existing features. Most notable in my opinion is the addition of RTE or rich text editor. The RTE looks nice and is extensible, just like TinyMCE editor.

Also of note is the addition of YUI Base CSS which extends YUI Reset and Font. Base CSS brings back basic size and spacing styles for headings, paragraphs, lists, and other HTML elements that are stripped by YUI Reset. Base CSS provides a great set of styles that look great and are easy to apply.

Other additions include a YUI client-side component loader, an image loader, a color picker, and a YUI unit test utility. Designers will appreciate YUI 2.3's formalized skinning abilities which promise to make it much easier to apply a consistent look and feel to YUI components.

Check out the official announcement on the YUI Blog.