My Obligatory Firefox Extensions Post

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Okay, okay, I know, what you're going to say. Every techie blogger has already spouted off their list of "can't live without" Firefox extensions. To be honest, it's been a while since I last posted and needed something easy to get me back into the swing again.

So here's my list of Firefox extensions that I've just gotta have for web development and life on the Net.

  • autoHideStatusbar - Nifty little extension that gives me a little more page viewing area on my little 12" Powerbook.
  • Web Developer - Although the Safari 3 equivalent looks promising, this gem will continue to get daily use. Most-used feature: Display Element Information (Command+Shift+F).
  • Grease Monkey - Just installed this extension which let's you change the way web pages appear. I'm going to try it with the Better Gmail extension.
  • Firebug - Indispensable for debugging JavaScript and browsing the DOM. Try out Yahoo!'s new YSlow extension, built on Firebug, to evaluate web page performance issues (Note: Firebug's been known to cause slowness in Firefox, only enable it when you need it).
  • Split Browser Window - We all love tabs, right? I love 'em so much that I refuse to open up extra Firefox windows. When I want to compare web page designs side-by-side or four-at-a-time, this handy extension let's me do it in a single window.
  • MeasureIt - Simple, easy to use, a must for any pixel pushing web designer. Very handy for determining column widths and image dimensions.
  • Colorzilla -Wondering what hex values you need to add to your style sheet? Grab Colorzilla's eye dropper to whip up a pallette wicked fast.
  • - Working on multiple machines? Make your bookmarks available to you, and the world, regardless of location.
  • Forecasfox - All I need to do is look to the lower right corner of Firefox to see what it's doing outside.
  • StumbleUpon - As if the internet wasn't a big enough time sink, try getting real work done while randomly surfing user recommended web sites. When I'm working on a new site I'll go stumbling for inspiration.
  • Gmail Notifier - My Mac's Apple menu is too crowded for the Google Notifier, so I use this instead.
  • Ymail Notifier - See above.

What are your "gotta have" Firefox extensions?