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From appetizers to six course meals, 2 tablespoons provides a wide range of communication services to meet your personal and business needs. We have helped individuals and companies of all sizes reach their goals.

send a message or start a discussion on the web

The web has become ubiquiotous. Daily it is used to communicate, to educate, and to sell. Web sites developed by 2 tablespoons don't just put you on the web, they put you on the web with purpose. We combine our application and database development experience with the power of open-source software to provide intuitive, secure, and cost-effective solutions.

Tell your story, start your conversation, share your resources, and engage your audience today.

beyond logos, building an identity

Set your company apart from the rest with a unique identity. An identity is more than just a logo. Identity systems define the visual components of your logo—color, type, proportions. More importantly, to maintain your company's image, ID systems ensure consistency in your logo's application on all marketing and communication materials. Whether customers see your logo on stationary or on a sign, your identity will always be clearly conveyed.

it's all about the content

Sure, we can create a flashy web site or brochure for you, but when you get down to it, it's all about the words. Whether you have pages of text that need to be culled and edited or if you're starting from scratch, we ensure that your message is written in one clear voice.