Evernote: Save notes, picts, clippings, and scribbles in one place

EvernoteWhen inspiration or a sense of responsibility hits me I'll jot down a note or sketch something out with whatever means are available. If I'm at work I'll send myself a to do list or a link to check out later in an email message. When out of reach of digitial devices, post it notes, scraps of paper, and the highly-versatile cocktail napkin receive the rest of my scribbles and scratches. Now if I could just remember where I've squirreled away these bits of brilliance.

Enter Evernote , a new service to help you collect and manage your mental notes in each of their forms. Evernote allows you to send and store notes in text, image, and audio format through a variety of methods. I had signed up for a free account last month but hadn't had a chance to take Evernote for a spin until tonight.

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Interesting Link: Googlism

After last week's web conference at work, I've been doing a lot of thinking about Bebo White's semantic web pep talk. While preparing to introduce Michael Angeles I did a google search to pull up details for his introduction. The third or fourth result that came back was an entry for Michael at

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