WordPress theme for 2 tablespoons

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I've found that creating themes for WordPress is a straightforward process. Since this is a theme I'd like to have remain unique to this site, I'm not offering up the source code. I will, however, try to share a bit about the process I went through to integrate WordPress with 2tbsp.com.

To begin the new 2 tablepoons theme I made a copy of the Kubrick WordPress theme. WordPress themes consist of a small set of files for site header, footer, homepage, blog posts, archives, and other miscellaneous page and site components. The first step was to copy my existing site's header and footer HTML code to header.php and footer.php. In the header I added a link to my site's existing CSS file just below the Kubrick CSS file to give my site's style sheet declarations prescedance over Kubrick's declarations. To be continued...