Wordpress to Drupal migration, one way to do it

DrupliconAfter thinking about doing it for many months, I finally converted 2tbsp.com from Wordpress 2 to Drupal 5. I didn't make this move because of anything wrong with Wordpress. Wordpress worked great for the past few years and is an excellent application. The truth is that I am working with Drupal too much now to not use it to power 2tbsp.com. My goal was to do the migration as quickly as possible with few additions or changes. With the migration now complete, I thought I'd share the basic process I went through.

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WordPress theme for 2 tablespoons

I've found that creating themes for WordPress is a straightforward process. Since this is a theme I'd like to have remain unique to this site, I'm not offering up the source code. I will, however, try to share a bit about the process I went through to integrate WordPress with 2tbsp.com.

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