Released this week: Eclipse PDT 1.0 and YUI 2.3.1

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The PHP Developer Tools Project reached a major milestone this week with the version 1.0 release of PDT. I had recently installed the all-in-one Europa/PDT release and received errors when attempting to update via the Update Manager—something about being unable to unzip a package. Today, however, everything seems fine and when I reviewed Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration -> PDT Feature, it showed version 1.0 as installed. I haven't noticed any earth shattering additions since the Europa release, mainly bug fixes. Congratulations to the PDT team for successfully reaching the 1.0 milestone!

Yahoo! released YUI 2.3.1 yesterday. Most notable in this bug fix release are improvements to the YUI Rich Text Editor (RTE) and DataTable, both of which are beta versions. See the YUI Release 2.3.1 README Digest for a full list of API improvements and bugs squashed.