Joining the Fray with new Plaxo and Twitter Accounts

With the Social Networking powers that be recently coming together in the same room , I figured that it was time to do more than read and write about social networks . A friend recently invited me to hook up on Plaxo. His invitation along with the recent release of Plaxo's Mac client pushed me to making the leap.

So far, so good. The Plaxo Mac client made it incredibly easy to upload contacts and make connections quickly. I was also able to reconnect with an old high school classmate that I haven't heard from in nearly twenty years! I loves the interweb!

After connecting with a few folks on Plaxo I thought, "Why stop here?" I'm not gonna join MySpace, I feel old enough as it is. I'm still resisting Facebook too. But Twitter has had some allure for some time now.

If you're already a member of either Plaxo or Twitter, or you're thinking about joining, look me up!