NetNewsWire Now a Free Feed Reader

In 2007, surveys and bloggers declared the impending demise of the desktop feed reader. My switch from Endo to the online reader service Rojo over a year ago seems to put me in with the shifting mob. But I've wanted to try out NetNewsWire for some time now, and now there's nothing to stop me.

I had purchased Endo, a nice desktop feed reader that provides sync capability between Macs. It's simple interface and bookmarking features were okay, but it didn't sync with any of the online feed reading services. After less than 6 months, I rarely used it.

I also tried RSSOwl for a bit. It's free, and one of the better feed readers IMO. Again, no online reader sync.

So, as I mentioned, I had been using Rojo for over a year, but dropped them in August after their extended outage. Since then I've been pretty happy with the beta online version of Newsgator. When I read that NNW was now freely available, that goofy geek giddiness overtook me.

My initial experience has been great. I downloaded and installed NNW on my iMac and Powerbook and in no time I had picked up my reading where I had left off online a few hours earlier. NNW has a simple interface, built-in browser, del.icious integration, blog this button, 3-pane interface, and it's fast, much faster than Endo or RSSOwl.