Firefox 3 Can't Come Soon Enough

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I've been a Firefox for Mac user for many years, and before that Mozilla and Netscape. I stuck with Mozilla, despite the release of Safari, because I'd using it for email since Netscape Messenger.

Even after switching to Apple's Mail, Firefox remained my primary browser. I must admit that I had become hooked on several plugins , especially Web Developer and Firebug. Sure, I know that Safari is zippier and offers alternatives to several Firefox plugins, but that didn't matter. I kept telling myself "You know all the keystrokes, why switch?" I've disabled Firebug for and looked for tips to speed things up. Alas there only seem to be Firefox optimization hacks for Windows.

Over the past few months I've started to admit that I have a problem. I shouldn't have to sacrafice features for performance. GMail shouldn't load at a snails pace and my CPU doesn't exist to be at Firefox's beckon call. 

I'll give Firefox one more chance. The latest Firefox 3 beta is peppier, but Web Developer and Firebug are not yet available to truly test v3. I don't particularly like the Aqua form controls that are now the norm in version 3.

Leave a comment if you have any Mac Firefox optimization tips or wish to share your FF performance woes.