How to Remove a Workspace in Eclipse under OS X

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The other morning, before I had my morning coffee, I fired up Eclipse and when prompted to select my Workspace, I entered my password and hit return. Still in a haze, I wondered why I was looking at the default Workspace. After restarting and seeing my password in the selected Workspace I finally woke up. D'oh!{C}

So where the heck is this Workspace list stored? I couldn't find the list under preferences. There wasn't a hidden settings file in my home directory. I then started poking around in /Applications/eclipse. Ah ha! Here's the setting file that contains recent workspaces.


Opened this file up and deleted the workspace from the RECENT_WORKSPACES. I had to make sure that I didn't remove to many line feeds (\n) which separate each workspace. I'm not sure why eclipse stores these preferences in the Applications folder. Why isn't this information stored in my home directory? Oh well. I may never make this mistake again, but you never know. Hope this helps someone else out there.