module for Gallery 3

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I finally made some time to get back to work on Gallery. Step one, create a simple module to shorten Gallery 3 album, photo, and movie links with Step two is to create a Twitter module which will make use of the module.


  1. Sign up for a account, if you don't have one.
  2. Download the module, unpack to your Gallery 3 modules directory.
  3. Enable the module via Admin > Modules
  4. Configure the module at Admin > Settings >
    1. Enter your Username and API Key
    2. Select a preferred domain, or


  • Provides "Shorten link with" site and contextual menu links
  • Displays shortened links in the info module's sidebar block
  • Choose or as a base URL
  • Provides static methods to shorten and retrieve item links for other Gallery modules


  • The preferred domain setting may be changed at anytime without
    breaking existing shortened links. The Gallery item's hash can be
    used with either domain.
  • Your account will provide some nice extras, including
    click counts, QR codes, and social network sharing stats for your
    shortened Gallery links.