The First Ignite Santa Fe!

Ignite Santa Fe The past few weeks of rounding up speakers and prepping my talk for the first Ignite Santa Fe are now a wonderful blur. My nerves and fear of public speaking were quickly washed away last night by an awesome gathering of people, ideas, and perspectives.

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A Few Diversions is yet another social networking site for the InterWeb. This one targets a small niche market, sharing screen shots. It may seem a bit too narrow of a focus, but I'm going to give it a try for a bit. Specifically, I'm going to start posting new screenshots used in tutorials and posts on this site. I'll also add it to my my list of design inspiration sites to review when I begin a new project.

Firefox Flix entries: Browser humor for all

Firefox Flicks: Wheee!It's rare that I'm able to stay up late enough to see Conan O'Brian, and we don't have the Tivo thingy, but this makes up for a little of what I'm missing.

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