Thinking outside the grid

Molly Holzschlag wrote a thought-provoking design article that put me in the mood to comment on an article for the first time in quite a long while. I agree with Molly's basic premise, web design can be more exciting if designers drop old table-based layout conventions and look to design outside the grid more.

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Flip it, flip it good: Quick tips for supporting RTL languages in your web application

I've been working with themes in Gallery for 6 years and it wasn't until recently that I started to give due consideration to a significant portion of Gallery's users, those whose native language is written from right to left. Shame on me, because it's really not that difficult to add proper RTL text and layout support to web applications. I hope the following helps out those who need to do the same.

Introduction to Unobtrusive JavaScript, DOM Scripting, and the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library

If you know JavaScript but have yet to make the leap to unobtrusive JavaScript, read on. I'll demonstrate how to upgrade a traditional DHTML rollover to an unobtrusive script and then to a script that leverages the Yahoo! User Interface Library's (YUI).

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Taking Your CSS Skills to the Next Level

So you know how great cascading style sheets are. You've sworn off the use of font tags, you're creating hover link effects with CSS instead of rollover images, and you're using floating divs instead of tables to layout pages. It's a beautiful thing but you're wondering what's next?

I've been writing CSS for seven years and I'm still learning new things. I've read dozens of CSS how-to articles but very few of these discuss an effective CSS development process. So I decided to write an article to share my process.

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WordPress theme for 2 tablespoons

I've found that creating themes for WordPress is a straightforward process. Since this is a theme I'd like to have remain unique to this site, I'm not offering up the source code. I will, however, try to share a bit about the process I went through to integrate WordPress with 2tbsp.com.

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