Community/Social Networks

Twitter Module for Gallery 3: Share Your Photos, Movies, and Albums with your Followers

I've just packaged and posted the final 1.0 release of a Twitter module for Gallery 3. Share photos, movies, and albums with your Twitter followers, directly from Gallery. Give it a try!

A Few Diversions is yet another social networking site for the InterWeb. This one targets a small niche market, sharing screen shots. It may seem a bit too narrow of a focus, but I'm going to give it a try for a bit. Specifically, I'm going to start posting new screenshots used in tutorials and posts on this site. I'll also add it to my my list of design inspiration sites to review when I begin a new project.

NetNewsWire Now a Free Feed Reader

In 2007, surveys and bloggers declared the impending demise of the desktop feed reader. My switch from Endo to the online reader service Rojo over a year ago seems to put me in with the shifting mob. But I've wanted to try out NetNewsWire for some time now, and now there's nothing to stop me.

The Future of Social Networks: Building a WAN to Connect the LANs

Like other web geeks, I'm often asked by friends and acquaintances, "Are you on __________?" <-- insert the "current" social network here

My reply is usually a groggy "Huh?" So no, I don't have a Facebook or MySpace account; and yes, I'm probably missing out on something, and I'm okay with that for now.

A feast for thought

In years past we've been fortunate to have had Jeffrey Veen, Molly Holzchlag, Jeff Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Carrie Bickner, Vincent Flanders, and Bebo White among many others discuss how to's and the big ideas that spark great disucussions and new goals.... In Doug's place we had a free-form moderated panel that included David Sklar, Bebo White, Michael Angeles, and Allan Marcus.