Twitter Module for Gallery 3: Share Your Photos, Movies, and Albums with your Followers

I've just packaged and posted the final 1.0 release of a Twitter module for Gallery 3. Share photos, movies, and albums with your Twitter followers, directly from Gallery. Give it a try!

Unobtrusive and accessible form input labeling with jQuery

It's common practice to skip the use of elements in simple forms. The most common example of this are site search forms. The following example uses a JavaScript event handler attribute to clear the input's value which also serves as the input's label.

Add RTL support to Superfish jQuery menu plugin

Gallery 3's core themes use the Superfish menu plugin for jQuery. Superfish provides very nice multi-level dropdown menus, but it does not include support for RTL languages.

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UI and Theme Development Simplified in Gallery 3!

Gallery 3 and jQueryThe next version of Gallery 3 is a complete rewrite from the ground up. It's coming along nicely thanks, in part, to jQuery and jQuery UI. Here's a bit of background on the project's decision to use jQuery and highlights of Gallery 3's theme system changes.

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The Evolution from JavaScript Hacker to Front-End Engineer

Image of the evolution of man.


I’ve been working on to add a reusable autocomplete functionality to forms YUI 2-based AutoComplete and began thinking of my professional development with JavaScript. I thought I’d share my experience moving from hacking JavaScript towards front-end engineering skills. I’m sure it’s not unique and perhaps this might help others moving on this path. I’m summarizing here, you won’t find detailed examples. Hopefully this will introduce some to the terms and topics of interest along this evolutionary path.

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