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Use FFmpeg to Combine GoPro Clips, Generate Time-Lapse Movies

My wife gave me a GoPro Hero last Christmas and I love it more than I thought I would. I don't love GoPro's editing software as much and I'm not alone when I say that GoPro Quik doesn't live up to the hype. Most of what I want to do is combine clips and post them to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. I'd also like more control over time-lapse quality and settings. Fortunately, FFmpeg provides all the tools needed to accomplish this, and more.

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Unobtrusive and accessible form input labeling with jQuery

It's common practice to skip the use of elements in simple forms. The most common example of this are site search forms. The following example uses a JavaScript event handler attribute to clear the input's value which also serves as the input's label.

Speed up PHP development in Eclipse PDT with Templates and Snippets

Busy schedules, long to do lists, and deadlines make it tough for developers to get familiar with some of the advanced features their tools provide. This is a shame, because some features, like Eclipse Templates, can really reduce coding time and errors.

You already know that Eclipse PDT provides autocompletion and hints for PHP's built in functions. In addition, commenting your code with PHPDoc adds autocompletion and hinting for your application's classes, methods, and variables. If you haven't already discovered, Eclipse PDT also provides autocompletion of PHP's control structures, class definitions, and methods through code templates.

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Subversion Administration: Separate an SVN Repository into Individual Projects

I've been using Subversion since the Gallery Project switched to it from CVS a few years back. I decided to install Subversion to manage my freelance projects last year and am getting up to speed on repository administration. I flip-flopped for a while on whether to keep projects in a single or separate repositories. I initially decided to keep everything in one repository, but later decided to separate them out. Fortunately, the svnadmin and svndumpfilter utilities make it relatively simple to separate repositories into individual projects.

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Install and configure MySQL 5 with MacPorts

7/18/09 - Having trouble starting MySQL on system startup? Rob Wilkerson shows how he gets around the issue.

4/2/08 - UPDATED - Replaced symlink to MySQL socket with proper MySQL configuration file settings. Thanks Doug!

10/20/07 - UPDATED - Added full path to aliases, thanks Joel!

10/7/07 - UPDATED - Clarified +server option and executable names, thanks Thom!

I decided to move my MySQL server installation from the server I installed from to macports. Why? I believe MacPorts will simplify future upgrades. I'd also like to keep my LAMP installs in the same location. If you haven't already, install and configure MacPorts. Here are the steps I'll go over:

  • Intall MySQL 5
  • Create the initial MySQL databases
  • Options for starting MySQL
  • Confirm that MySQL is running
  • Set Basic MySQL Security

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