Notes on Choosing a PHP Framework: A Comparison of CakePHP and the Zend Framework

UPDATE:Parlez vous Français? Guillaume Rossolini has created a French translation of this article.

Are you considering using a PHP framework for your next project? If so, this article's for you. I've narrowed down my choices to CakePHP and the Zend Framework and have documented my findings here.

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Review of "Pro Zend Framework Techniques: Build a Full CMS Project"

This post is an edited version of my review of Pro Zend Framework Techniques: Build a Full CMS Project posted on I decided to repost and expand a bit here to share my thoughts with visitors. The title of my Amazon review sums it up, a good CMS example, but repetitive and poorly edited.

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Add jQuery code assist to Eclipse WTP on Mac OS X

I'd recently run across a nifty patch for Eclipse WTP which adds jQuery code assist to WTP's stock JavaScript features. The installation instructions looked simple enough, back up the original WTP JavaScript jar file, download the jQueryWTP patch, run it, and voila, jQuery development gets a little faster in Eclipse. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

During my first attempts, the jQueryWTP patch installer wouldn't run on Mac OS X 10.4.11 at work. The patch wouldn't run on Leopard at home either. Neither the jQueryWTP project nor its SourceForge download page provide Java or WTP version requirements. All screenshots I've seen show installation on Windows. After a lot of flailing, I was eventually able to get the patch installed. Here is an archive of my trials and tribulations.