YUI Grid Builder, web developers enjoy the extra time

By now you're probably thinking that I'm a Yahoo! evangelist. But who wouldn't want to tell other web developers about all of the great web developer resources that Yahoo!'s released? I know it may sound sad, but I just about wet myself when I found the YUI Grid Builder.

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JavaScript widget bottlenecks and bugs beware

UPDATE: AHS has been updated to v0.3.9.7 to eliminate the YUI Event.addListener(window, 'resize', function) issue! Alex Iskold over at Read/Write Web posted a great article about JavaScript's performance impact on blog sites today. Like most blogs, this site relies on several single lines of JavaScript to power interface features, display widgets, and process data. This site, as well as all of the others that load things like Google Adsense, loads a little bit slower.

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YUI 2.3 Released, New Components, Many Improvements

YUI 2.3 was released and sports several new components plus improvements to existing features. Most notable in my opinion is the addition of RTE or rich text editor. The RTE looks nice and is extensible, just like TinyMCE editor.

Also of note is the addition of YUI Base CSS which extends YUI Reset and Font. Base CSS brings back basic size and spacing styles for headings, paragraphs, lists, and other HTML elements that are stripped by YUI Reset. Base CSS provides a great set of styles that look great and are easy to apply.

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Getting started with YUI Grids, Reset, and Fonts

Yogi Berra once said "it's deja vu all over again", and he was right. For each HTML/CSS template I build I find myself dealing with the same issues. How do I clear everything from that floated sidebar? How do I fix the margin and padding differences between IE and Firefox?
I recently tried the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library's Reset, Fonts, and Grids CSS and I'm here to tell you that YUI makes many of those CSS deja vu tasks things of the past.

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Famfamfam.com's Silk Icon Set Organized!

More and more web sites and applications are incorporating the beautiful Silk icon set created by Mark James. The Gallery project provides them as one of their iconpacks and the newly redesigned Dreamhost web hosting control panel also sports these spiffy icons. Since the icons are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license, anyone can use them provided Mark receives proper credit.