Growl is a great little application

You know, it's all about the little things in life. I recently installed and began using one of those great little things. Growl is a global notification application for Mac OS X. Here's the basic jist of what Growl does...

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I'm going into the last day of a week long XML course at work. The class has been great, despite being completely Microsoft-centric. Despite this, the instructor has done a good job of covering the topics and inspiring many possible projects in my head. Most of these projects are for the day job and will focus mainly on XSL transformations of training manuals. So, my challenge was to get an XSL parser that works with PHP. A buddy at work informed me that I'd need Sablotron to do XSL with PHP.

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Separation of work and family

I've been blogging occasionally for a few years now. During this time I've mixed my thoughts about work with posts about my family, but no longer.

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Interesting Link: Googlism

After last week's web conference at work, I've been doing a lot of thinking about Bebo White's semantic web pep talk. While preparing to introduce Michael Angeles I did a google search to pull up details for his introduction. The third or fourth result that came back was an entry for Michael at

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A feast for thought

In years past we've been fortunate to have had Jeffrey Veen, Molly Holzchlag, Jeff Zeldman, Eric Meyer, Carrie Bickner, Vincent Flanders, and Bebo White among many others discuss how to's and the big ideas that spark great disucussions and new goals.... In Doug's place we had a free-form moderated panel that included David Sklar, Bebo White, Michael Angeles, and Allan Marcus.