Water and electronics normally don't mix

Without conducting any formal research I am certain of a correlation of the size of electronic devices and the frequency these devices are accidentally run through the wash. I began to prove this theory when I left my new bluetooth ear piece in a shirt pocket to be run through the wash. The ear piece not only survived the wash, but also the heat of the clothes dryer. I recently provided additional proof to my theory, but it didn't look as if I'd be as lucky the second time.

phpDoc Cheatsheet, because documenting code is fun!

Okay, maybe I exagerate a bit, but if you're developing PHP that others need to decipher, commenting your code is a must. Heck, I'm finding that code documentation for myself is a saving grace when revisiting what I've written months, or even a week later.

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Wordpress to Drupal migration, one way to do it

DrupliconAfter thinking about doing it for many months, I finally converted 2tbsp.com from Wordpress 2 to Drupal 5. I didn't make this move because of anything wrong with Wordpress. Wordpress worked great for the past few years and is an excellent application. The truth is that I am working with Drupal too much now to not use it to power 2tbsp.com. My goal was to do the migration as quickly as possible with few additions or changes. With the migration now complete, I thought I'd share the basic process I went through.

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Another MySQL Backup Script

I've been meaning to backup my sites' databases for quite some time now. Today I was finally overcome with guilt and the fear of something going horrible wrong, so I finally decided to put a backup script into place. My hosting provider provides backups, and fortunately I've never needed to request a restore. You may ask "Then why are you worried about backups?". The answer is simple—there are some things you should count on in this world–things will go wrong from time to time. Yes, my hosting provider is a reliable and stable company providing a reliable and stable hosting environment, but things can change, and one should always be prepared.

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Fix shift key constrain problem in Adobe Illustrator

It's amazing how reliant I've become on key strokes, especially when it comes to graphics editing. A few months back I noticed that holding down the shift key in Adobe Illustrator no longer constrained items to 45, 90, or 180 when moving and that spacebar + command didn't bring up the magnify option. My initial search yielded nothing, probably because my brain was mush and incapable of putting together logical search phrases. I haven't needed to do much work in Illustrator until recently so I tried the search again and low and behold, a solution!

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