Firefox 3 Can't Come Soon Enough

I've been a Firefox for Mac user for many years, and before that Mozilla and Netscape. I stuck with Mozilla, despite the release of Safari, because I'd using it for email since Netscape Messenger.

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Time to Get Organized, If Only for a Short While

One of the things that's been on my list for a while is to update how I organize the content I create and consume. I'd like to better organize my blog posts, photos, bookmarks, news feeds, and music collection. So I'm taking some time to define a personal taxonomy. I will focus on developing better content tagging habits and hopefully find a few tools to help me do the job.

A Call to My Blogging Friends, Publish an RSS Feed for Comments

UPDATE (1/26/08 - 4:08 pm (GMT-7): Look in yonder sidebar! Feed links for posts, site-wide comments, and comments on the current post!

Although email notifications of comments are useful, I'd rather monitor comments and replies to comments via RSS. If you can install a plugin, flip a switch, or just make your existing Commens RSS link more prominent, I'd be much obliged.

This request is somewhat hypocritical, as I do not currently offer a comment feed for this site. That will change soon.

Joining the Fray with new Plaxo and Twitter Accounts

With the Social Networking powers that be recently coming together in the same room , I figured that it was time to do more than read and write about social networks . A friend recently invited me to hook up on Plaxo. His invitation along with the recent release of Plaxo's Mac client pushed me to making the leap.

NetNewsWire Now a Free Feed Reader

In 2007, surveys and bloggers declared the impending demise of the desktop feed reader. My switch from Endo to the online reader service Rojo over a year ago seems to put me in with the shifting mob. But I've wanted to try out NetNewsWire for some time now, and now there's nothing to stop me.