Taking Your CSS Skills to the Next Level

So you know how great cascading style sheets are. You've sworn off the use of font tags, you're creating hover link effects with CSS instead of rollover images, and you're using floating divs instead of tables to layout pages. It's a beautiful thing but you're wondering what's next?

I've been writing CSS for seven years and I'm still learning new things. I've read dozens of CSS how-to articles but very few of these discuss an effective CSS development process. So I decided to write an article to share my process.

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eBooks, Academic Publishing, and Drupal

I recently completed development of a web site for Anne Fitzpatrick, a friend and scholar. Anne studies and works on international collaborations in computing, American and Russian nuclear weapons, and science and technology policy and culture.

For the past eight years, Anne and her colleagues have been busy translating and editing Pioneers of Soviet Computing by Boris Malinovsky. University and commercial publishing companies refused to publish their work, so Anne decided to self-publish the work as an eBook.

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Breaking language barriers with Sherlock

I just had one of the most rewarding experiences I've had on a computer in a long time, and it's not what you're thinking. So get your mind out of the gutter and I'll tell you about it.

Firefox Flix entries: Browser humor for all

Firefox Flicks: Wheee!It's rare that I'm able to stay up late enough to see Conan O'Brian, and we don't have the Tivo thingy, but this makes up for a little of what I'm missing.

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2 tablespoons contributes to Gallery 2.1

Gallery 2.1 (blackjack) was recently released and sports some interface enhancements and additions contributed by 2 tablespoons.