Twitter Module for Gallery 3: Share Your Photos, Movies, and Albums with your Followers

I've just packaged and posted the final 1.0 release of a Twitter module for Gallery 3. Share photos, movies, and albums with your Twitter followers, directly from Gallery. Give it a try!

Bash scripts to streamline the Drupal core and module update process via Subversion

Drupal is a great foundation for so many types of web sites. The Drupal community continuously improves its core and the growing list of add-on modules to extend functionality and improve security. If you manage several Drupal sites, all of this extending and improving can make keeping Drupal up-to-date a time-consuming task. Here are a few notes about how I maintain my Drupal and a few shell scripts I've created to streamline the process.

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I finally made some time to get back to work on Gallery. Step one, create a simple module to shorten Gallery 3 album, photo, and movie links with Step two is to create a Twitter module which will make use of the module.

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Thanks to for posting an awesomely simple curl command to dump bookmarks for a account.

@ andrew_k's evacuation procedure

Speed up HTML markup in Netbeans with Zen Coding

My friend Derek shared a link about Zen Coding a month ago which I finally made time to look at this morning. Zen Coding is a plugin designed to supercharge your HTML markup and CSS coding and it's available for several IDEs and text editors. I watched the available screencasts and gave it a try this morning. It's remarkable what you can do with it.

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