And the best blogging client is...

I just finished poking around in the blogging client ecto and liked it so much that I purchased a license. It's interface is uncluttered, relatively intuitive, and the clincher was the price--just $17.95 vs. MarsEdit's price tag of $24.95. Those windows users reading this can consider Ecto as your blogging client too.

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Another Step into the Blogsphere: Evaluation of MarsEdit

Okay, when I first started this blogging thing, I really only had a toe in the water. I don't post very often and have kept the posts to family-related announcements. Well, in an effort to add more useless stuff to the world-wide web I'm going to try using a couple of blog clients on my desktop in an effort to write more often. I know, it's not the tool, it's he who wields it.

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Collaborating for fun

About 2 years ago I discovered a wonderful piece of software called Gallery. Gallery is an online photo album with dozens of incredible features that help people manage and display their photos on their web sites. Dozens of developers have spent thousands of hours creating the features in Gallery. The cost to develop is not really known but quite conservatively runs in the hundreds of thousands of dollars after translating time spent.